18th Mar 2019 - Allmyles' first US client is mentioned in a Forbes article .

15th Nov 2018 - Allmyles rolls out Airline Direct Connect integration to major network carriers.

28th Jun 2018 - Allmyles releases AirlineFareFamily upgrades .

25th May 2018 - Allmyles puts cancel feature to dashboard .

28th Feb 2018 - Allmyles shares Postman collections on its API docs .

15th Dec 2017 - Allmyles launches its Programmatic Offering Bot for your automated social media campaigns .

28th Nov 2017 - Allmyles adds demo user journey to dashboard .

31st Aug 2017 - Allmyles implements price alert robot that can send e-mail notification to signed up users when a preferred price is a hit . Please find documentation of price alert for details.

19th July 2017 - Allmyles API offers extra luggage purchase while flight booking. Please find documentation of baggage handling for details.

5th May 2017 - Allmyles API becomes able to find fares which are combinable in separate flight tickets. Please refer to our documentation for details. Beware that the relevant ticket needs to be presented at check-in.

1st February 2017 - Allmyles enabled inconvenient results to get the best flight fares even if the journey takes longer or needs more transfer window.

20th December 2016 - Allmyles launched calendar search to let you search flights with flexible dates up to +/-3 days outbound and inbound too.

10th September 2016 - Allmyles introduces radius search which enables Allmyles tenants to enhance flight results with departure and destination airports within 300km around a given city.

28th July 2016 - After months of hard work Allmyles Hotel API expanded. From now on we consolidate bookable hotel content from more than 50 hotel consolidators thus boosting individual property list from 150.000 to 1.100.000 hotels globally.

4th January 2016 - Allmyles proudly presents its proprietary merchant payment mechanism in cooperation with Barion and Ixaris. Allmyles just launched Allmyles Double Clutch Payment System enabling global reconciliation of payments between merchants and travel service providers seamlessly.

9th June 2015 - Allmyles API rolls out multiple-city search similar to ITA Matrix owned by Google, but Allmyles goes further and lets you book, pay and ticket those results. What's more? Input only one airport and get multiple options within your departure/destination country. See our RESTful API documentation for more information.

29th May 2015 - Allmyles team moves in its new office still in the city centre of Budapest

22nd March 2015 - Allmyles API full refactor is done using homogeneous Python 3.0 to exceed OpenStack codebase thus becoming leading-edge technology provider in the travel industry.

1st March 2015 - Allmyles API migrates to Amazon AWS (from the good old HPCloud...:-)) to jump light years and save infrastructure cost up to 50% per month.

28th February 2015 - Allmyles API migrates to the one and only SSL, CDN and DNS provider called Cloudflare (from our former provider called GoDaddy and we saved 100% of our SSL cost.

12th December 2014 - Allmyles API starts serving the third website in production. Allmyles API was certified by the world's 9th largest software company (Forbes)

23rd June 2014 - Allmyles API starts serving the second website Fireflies.com. The brand becomes available in 17 countries and creates the flagship product of the Swiss direct travel selling company called SwissHalley AG.

1st March 2014 - Allmyles Ltd moves in its first office in the city centre of Budapest - near Gozsdu Udvar

6th December 2013 - Allmyles API starts serving the first website in production. Allmyles API was certified by the world's 9th largest software company (Forbes)

2nd December 2013 - Allmyles is running its second hackathon where we released it!

13th October 2013 - Allmyles is running its first hackathon to put together Allmyles CORE

5th March 2013 - Allmyles Ltd is registered to revolutionize the online travel industry.