We belive in your talent
We do not waste your time and money. Sign up and cancel anytime. Being a front end developer you are going to feel the rythm when accessing our rest API tunnel to our partners' high quality bookable content for only a dime. So that we can grow together with you the only cost we charge is calculated by your search transactions.
grow your content seamlessly
Lack of reliable and experienced developers but full of great ideas? Build your own travel brand linked to our content without limitations. Flight, hotel, car rental and travel insurance from hundreds of travel providers for almost free of charge. We create your webshop solutions, you bring your brand and we can grow together.
Since revenue is key for pros
When traditional ads pay no more, but you are still able to inspire your visitors, we provide you with a sustainable revenue source. You just need to ask to let your site enrich with bookable content from hundrends of travel providers. Do not hesitate to sign in if no search is generated from your site then you pay zero.

twitterlittledarkPricing Table


  • IBE* included, no licence fee / no support0 EUR one off
  • seamless UI integrationyou develop based on REST API
  • continuous content integrationno minimum
  • royalty free APIe-mail support for your dev. guys
  • cloud hosting (US)no additional charges
  • revenue share modelrigid VPOS integration
  • fulfilment not includedadditional transaction fee applies
  • no consultancyyou are free to generate visitors


  • IBE* included10000 EUR one off fee
  • seamless UI integrationyou develop or free Whitelabel Site included
  • continuous content integrationminimum 1000 search trx / day charged
  • royalty free APIonline support via official chat
  • cloud hosting (US with int. CDN)dynamic availability
  • merchant modelflexible VPOS integration
  • fulfilment includedor optional on request
  • marketing management includedincluded in transaction fee


  • IBE* not included20000 EUR one off fee
  • seamless UI integrationyou develop or free Branded Site included
  • continuous content integrationminimum 2000 search trx / day charged
  • royalty free APIdedicated phone support
  • cloud hosting (US with int. CDN)global reach
  • transaction modelserf service VPOS integration
  • self service fulfilment no fulfilment service
  • self service marketing managementadditional transaction fee applies


Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Allmyles is a pay as you go service there are no long term contracts or commitments on your side.
You simply pay month-to-month. If you cancel subscribtion, you will only be billed for the current month.


Three easy steps to try out the service for free:

1.  Go to https://github.com/allmyles

2.  Develop your front end using our REST API documentation

3.  Sign up for API key to access our SaaS

Easily upgrade if you liked it….

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