What Almlyes Travel APIs Do we make travel content integration just happen

In the 50’s, innovative travel providers developed a semi-automated reservation system to revolutionize the industry. They did! But what happened so far?

THE FULLY AUTOMATED MACHINE TO MACHINE Internet was not a priority in the ’50s. Providing access to any content via professionals sitting in front of a terminal seemed a valid goal. Software as such was barely tangible for the general public thus we expected the visualization of the business logic behind therefore we tend to accept the definition of a software as the ghost in the machine that we can interact with via a unique and comfortable user interface.

Luckily speed of communication gained momentum when a complete generation was born with internet in their DNA. They are already able and ready to learn, improve and utilize open human knowledge available online. They realized that not only humans can share information online but they can pre-program machines too to talk to each other without human interaction. Open communication of machines via the World Wide Web facilitates fresh ideas, innovative minds as well as new businesses to emerge without boundaries.

As we believe in human creativity we work to completely release you from administrative tasks. Our ghost in the machine communicates, learns, absorbs, transforms, processes and creates a standard application programming interface. We let you easily to connect our Software as a Service (SaaS) with other machines thus creating something bigger, smarter, nicer THING.

Imagine the plug on the wall that consolidates quality travel content, payment processors as well as necessary industry licenses for those with out of the box ideas, relevant content or popular website with purchase intent visitors and user base. The plug is ready for you, just get started!