How to integrate Travel APIs we imagine the future of travel

Open API becomes the next phase of internet evolution fueled by generation “Z”.

TECHNICAL ENABLER OF LONG-TAIL TRAVEL MERCHANDIZING The world is now changing quicker than ever before thanks to open access to limitless information available via the internet. This change is though started decades ago with the invention of the World Wide Web yet enterprise sector still tries to keep control on the diffusion of innovation by artificial policies, proprietary rights and patents securing their market share.

Pre-internet behavioural patterns in management techniques, corporate policies and rigid enterprise culture followed by generation “X” intentionally block the further evolution of the digital world. We need to get rid of old-fashioned declarations such as “what is closed or patented equals reliable and secure”. Closed approach not only kills creativity but also sustains a vicious circle in which corporations and their administrative staff validate their positions by sticking to manual intervention instead of thinking lean and let machines to do repetitive workflows. Open communities share their knowledge as much as possible to let ideas emerge that reinforce innovation. We live in an information age where anyone can access community knowledge via the internet thanks to the popularity of personal computers, handheld devices, laptops, smartphones, even wearables. We have to accept that the internet opens new and standardized communication methods beyond physical interactions between machine to human. We believe in a world where seamless communication between machines re-connects human to human by releasing us from administrative tasks.

Our passion is to revolutionize industries where administrative thinking rules over human creativity, where closed is still better than open, where vendor lock-in is stronger than a long-term partnership approach.

We want to show that “closed” is only a fake secure-world of proprietary rights because legal restrictions do not defend companies from the competition in the long run. Closed equals isolation; it blocks our minds to understand the latest technologies and innovators. That is why well-funded enterprises do not innovate but acquire startups.

So far the travel industry was leading the innovation thus assuring high-quality services, safer means of transportation and better value to the end-customers. 21st-century innovators though generate value in other sectors just because the travel industry becomes less profitable. Why? Because it is full of poorly automated processes resulting in useless administrative workflows.

The world’s third largest, some say, the most inspiring online industry suffers from low profitability resulting in regular bankruptcies, unsafe flights and old-fashioned hotel properties. Luckily above legacy players are easily overtaken by fresh startups offering community property rentals like RBnB and social hitch hiking services like Uber.

Our passion is to bring creativity back to the travel industry by removing manual intervention completely from business administration and let machines do the repetitive job while experienced travel agents, as well as traveler community, can study more about the “product” and tell their stories to everyone online. Our API is a leading edge solution in M2M communication that will remove access barriers from legacy merchandising in one of the world’s most restricted markets.