Why travel APIs help democratize an industry selling flights was the privilege of legacy agents

Cash payment makes business processes less transparent, costly and riskier than necessary. But it is over now. Allmyles provides you with the technology to become an online travel merchant.

Technical enabler of Long-Tail Travel Merchandising Traditional Travel Industry is one of the most strictly regulated businesses in the world, therefore access barriers such as legal requirements, specific expertise and technical knowledge are quite high to enter the “hit” market.

Allmyles has deep knowledge in all the above-mentioned requirements therefore able to act as a facilitator supporting anyone to start becoming a merchant in the online travel sector. Allmyles API delivers complex business logic including automated content consolidation, search, booking, payment collection and reconciliation between travel providers, merchants and end-travellers.

With its platform-independent, open-source RESTful web services API Allmyles is able to serve web as well as native applications from browser-based websites, smartphone or tablet apps furthermore applications running on internet of things from smartwatch, TV sets or even in your car.

Our customer base varies from individuals willing to monetize from content publishing, event, travel or conference related websites to destination specific or thematic blogging sites, news and review sites, individual hotel websites furthermore native application providers smart devices or the internet of things of any kind.

Our customers receive a full-featured API stack to seamlessly integrate global content and business logic to their existing application and start selling travel immediately. With Allmyles API popular or niche media owners can easily become online travel merchants within a few days.

You get what you worked for - Immediately So far travel sales were restricted to travel agents in order to decrease cash flow risk for the entire value chain from the travel provider throughout intermediaries all the way long to the end-traveller.

We believe in a business environment wired by electronic payments where neither cost nor risk of using cash limits market entry. We started with the travel industry because it is the most complex, therefore, the most restrictive servicing industry. Sales via the internet though can be seamless. Complete removal of cash payment and clearance facilitates 100% liquidity, full solvency as well as eliminates risk and cost of manual intervention entirely.

Allmyles is a cloud-based SaaS aggregator of global travel content making its public RESTful API available to any individual, popular blogger, website owner or webshop with existing merchant activity. Start selling travel now