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should you are already or wannabe a Z-genereation developer, system integrator or online marketing guru who is open to develop, contribute or simply make money from the 3rd largest online business, join us now! in the M2M era speedy launch of web or native apps with full featured, bookable travel content lets individuals compete with big guys. AllMyles RESTful web services enables you to easily create web, mobile or other business solutions for selling global travel content. to ease the integration process and shorten adoption time our services are reachable through a standard REST API (explained on http://docs.allmyles.com) can be easily fit with most common platforms used nowadays including PHP, Drupal, Java, C#/.Net, etc.

API basics

The AllMyles Content Search and Booking services are providing a RESTful web service based on Http, and supporting both JSON and XML data serialization formats. Basicly GET / POST / PUT / DELETE operations are used to communicate with service endpoint, and standard Http response status codes are indicating the success or failure of such a call.

Service endpoints

The API are available at different endpoints, depending on integration phase of the project. Initially for test and development purposes a sandbox environment is available for integration partners. Token based authentication required to access the service due accountability and security reasons.


Requests initiated towards API endpoint must be authenticated by an API key. The API key is generated by AllMyles and uniquely assigned to a partner. This key helps identification of partner and serve as a base of transaction based accounting.

Supported request/response types

AllMyles API currently supports XML and JSON payloads in requests and responses. Payload type could be specified in a Http header or endpoint uri. Some requests are supporting just XML or JSON payloads, but those limitations are indicated in this reference documentation. If nor Http header and special endpoint uri is provided, the payload type defaults to XML.

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